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Some Important things to consider when shopping for Rates!

While rate is very important, it’s only one factor that you need to consider. The rates you see here are the lowest I have available, but may not be available for all mortgage situations (for example, some lenders will offer a quick close special for mortgages that can close in less than 30 days. This product would only suit those looking to refinance or renew their mortgage and not those looking to purchase). Some rates may also not be available for Conventional mortgages (lower than 80% loan to value).

Please keep this in mind while you are comparing rates!! You may or may not see this disclosed on other sites.

You may also see a particular lender (recently a big bank that likes the colour blue) offer a low 5 year rate that seemed too good to be true. Well it sort of was! The were a couple of ‘catches’. One catch was the only way to break this mortgage would be to refinance into one of their other mortgages (thereby leaving you at the mercy of what rate the lender decides to offer you). The other was much lower prepayment privileges! When you consider the fine print, you may realize that this would not be the BEST mortgage for you!

That is my role. I will take into consideration your current needs and your future plans to make sure you are getting YOUR BEST mortgage at the best rate your credit and income type will allow!!!

When you go shopping for a car on a new car lot, you would just go to the cheapest one there would you? Why would you automatically just get the mortgage with the lowest rate. Like cars, mortgages vary from lender to lender and even products can vary at each lender. Remember rate is important, but for most people once we speak, realize that it’s not as important as they originally thought!

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