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When your getting things ready to purchase your new home, things can seem a little overwhelming. From getting the financing in place. Trying to find a home that will meet most, if not all your desired criteria. Then taking care of all the details before completing the transaction and moving in. You need someone who can help you every step of the way. I work with you and your realtor to ensure that everything will go as smooth as possible.

I realize that you’re not looking for a mortgage, you’re looking for someone who can help you realize your dream of owning YOUR own home!

It’s usually best to call me before you start your search with your realtor. This will ensure that when you find ‘the one’ it will be within your financial reach. All too often I have people come to me after they found a home, only to realize that it’s not financially possible. Make sure you are fully pre-approved before you start. Just a quick note on ‘the banks’, they quite often pre-qualify clients based on very little information. This often leads to disappointment once they try to get fully approved for the home they thought was within their budget. If you don’t know the difference, you need to call me!!

Free Home Buyers Guide

All ready to start shopping for your first home? Great! Now you can get pre-qualified anytime, anywhere! Show the seller that your serious and know how much you qualify for and shop with confidence.

Don’t forget your free home buyers guide. Everything you’ll need to know to shop for your home like a pro.

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